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Hi we're Lindsey & Joce!

UK and Destination wedding photography & videography team, based in Manchester.

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to..

Lindsey is your photographer. Her style is a combination of documentary meets fashion editorial, adding an artistic yet romantic touch to every frame captured.

Joce is your videographer, his films draw inspiration from cinema. His goal is to deliver an artistic piece that makes you relive every emotion of your wedding day.

We both have our own, separate business, but also team up when couples want a joint package, as we both believe in compelling story telling through our photo and film.

Choosing you both for our wedding was easily the best decision we could make. It’s like getting the A-team.”

Why we’re the right Photo & Film team

As a wedding photography and videography team, it’s essential we’re on the same page. This applies to how we work together on the day, , but also our creative approach. Our goal is the same: to bring to life those unforgettable memories.

We work seamlessly together: Working together for 2 years, our creative approach aligns. We believe in letting your day unfold, not getting in the way of the moment, and telling a story. Our style is perfect for couples looking for an artistic representation of their wedding, with a photo & film team that can capture the true essence of your special day.

Consistent and unified creative vision: As a a wedding photography and videography team, we ensure consistent style throughout your wedding. We always work in tandem, creating a cohesive narrative that captures the essence of your love story seamlessly. This results in a visual symphony where every photo and video complements each other, telling a more unified and compelling story.

We are collaborative: We understand that your wedding day involves a whole team of suppliers, not just ourselves. We are both experienced in working collaboratively with diverse teams to ensure an stress-free experience for you.

We are story-tellers: Our goal is not just to capture moments but to tell stories. We understand that each couple is unique and has a one-of-a-kind story to tell. As a wedding photo & film team, we take the time to connect with you, your personalities, preferences, and the nuances of your relationship. This deep understanding enables us to create a narrative that is not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant.

Cost-effective package: We understand that weddings involve numerous expenses, and our bundled services provide a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. By choosing us for both aspects, you not only save on costs but also gain a comprehensive package from wedding experts.

Authenticity and Artistry: As a photography and videography team, we understand the significance of your special moments and strive to create a visual masterpiece that truly reflects the unique essence of your relationship.

Streamlined planning and logistics: Planning a wedding involves numerous details, and having a single team for both photography and videography streamlines the logistical aspects. From scheduling timelines to coordinating meetings, we take care of the intricate details, making the planning process smoother for you. This streamlined approach ensures that both the photography and videography aspects seamlessly fit into your wedding day schedule.

Story telling through photo & film



Meet the team

Photo & Film

Lindsey - Photography

Lindsey is a Manchester based wedding photographer covering UK & destination wedding.
By combining documentary & editorial styles she beautifully captures the small details that nobody else seemed to notice.

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Photo & Film

Joce - Videography

As a wedding videographer for both UK and destination weddings, Joce has been able to capture couples' love stories in some of the world's most breathtaking locations

Functioning as a visual storyteller and memory keeper, his films draw inspiration from cinema, which is evident in his shooting style and editing process. The films are characterised by warmth in both colors and emotions.

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