Bridal prep tips

Mother and daughter first look wedding day at the midland hotel Manchester
Feather sleeves bridal wear
Bridesmaids wearing sage green, helping the bride getting ready at the midland hotel Manchester

My tips for a stress free wedding morning

One of my favourite times of the wedding day. Seeing the excitement and butterflies, the dress being unveiled it's such a beautiful time of the day with your closest friends and family.

Having the right environment is key to overall look and feeling of the morning.

My tips for bridal prep:

  •  Natural light: try to find somewhere with as much natural light as possible for the most flattering images and also to help your makeup artist get the best light to work with.

  •  The space: having a suite with multiple rooms is ideal.

One room can be used for the MUA to set up and the other room can be kept clean and tidy with only your dress and accessories in there ready for a calm environment for you to get dressed.

Also asking all bridesmaids to put their belongings in one corner of the room makes it much clearer for photo's to be taken. I'll always shuffle things around to get the best image!

  •  Bridal party: try to only have your bridal party and closest family members. Too many people in a small space can really have an effect on the atmosphere and cause unnecessary stress which is the last thing we want in a wedding day!

  •  Details: have all your details in a box next to your dress and shoes ready for the photographer when they arrive. This saves so much times looking for everything and making sure we don't miss a special item that needs to be captured.

(Stationary, jewellery, lip stick, fragrance, special items etc)

  • Prep: steam your dress and bridesmaids dresses the night before and hang them up ready. One less job for the day and any water marks will be dried and ready to go. Also if your party are wearing matching dressing gowns and nightwear give them a steam too to get out any creases for the final images!

  • Music: make a playlist of all the tunes that get you and your bridal party excited! Music really does set the mood if the day

Venue: @themidlandmanchester

MUA: @livdidonato_makeup

Hair: @hairbyemmadarby

Dress: @enzoani

Boutique: @avarosehamilton

Florals: @fioredoratoflowers